Which pool or slatted cover choose? AZENCO enclosure guide






AZENCO pool enclosures meet your requirements to cover your swimming pool: protection, water heating and safety.

How to choose the ideal pool enclosure? Taking into account the space occupied by the pool, its proximity to your house, or simply its simplicity of use. If you want to give your in-ground pool an enclosure, the most suitable swimming pool enclosure will probably be different if you live in the countryside or if you live in a semi-detached house in town. Let us look possibilities offered to cover its swimming pool according to the enclosure type.

Flat pool enclosure

Light, discreet, aesthetic, simple to open or close for one person, the flat pool enclosure is removable: motorized or not, polycarbonate panels system are removable manually.

Abri de piscine plat

Low pool enclosure

Let's upgrade to higher range. The low pool enclosure is curved for more elegance, but also to allow you to swim protected from bad weather or wind. This telescopic or removable pool cover can also be fitted with a motor. If you choose a telescopic version, please note that the guide rails on the floor are useless: once deployed, the deck of your swimming pool is totally free.

Abri de piscine bas

High pool enclosure

Unmatched comfort, here is what the high pool enclosure offers. Whether if there is wind or if it's snowing, your pool will be protected like a real conservatory, possibly heated, under what you could swim. Leaned to your house like an additional room open to the garden, or independent, the enclosure can receive your garden furniture or your green plants like a real winter garden.
Abri de piscine haut

The high pool enclosure also opens to the outside: telescopic opening for full deployment, sliding or swinging doors, there are multiple solutions for this made to measure pool enclosure. If it is a wooden pool enclosure that seduces you, know that its side walls completely retract under the roof.

Mobile deck: the innovative enclosure that saves space

Lack of space in your garden? The pooldeck is the most innovative removable pool deck. It can be used as a completely secured swimming pool cover and a patio for your garden.
Abri de piscine : terrasse mobile

Its composite wooden sliding floor covers the pool in the closed position. Raised on needle bearings, it resists to a weight of 150kg/m2: it is therefore both a pool cover and a patio that can accommodate your garden furniture and your flower pots. When you open it, you have nothing to move!

Finally, you have the choice between a mobile pool cover with telescopic opening, a cover in one piece, or with two trays that open in the width or length of your pool depending on the space in your garden.

Low enclosure, flat, high or mobile deck, each solution to cover its swimming pool meets space constraints, practicality and aesthetics, while being secure. All you have to do is choose the enclosure that best suits your pool.

However, each of them have different functionalities and handling systems, which we detail in the pages presenting our pool enclosure range. AZENCO helps you choose the pool enclosure that best meets your expectations thanks to its expertise and personalized studies.


The pool enclosure, a reliable security system
What about the law?
Since January 2003, the law demands the installation of a standardized safety device: law n°2003-09 of January 3rd 2003. The law objective is to protect the swimming pools in order to prevent the children drowning.
Since January 1st 2004, new private swimming pools, for individual or collective use, must be equipped with a safety device.
Since May 1st 2004, existing swimming pools in rented habitations are also subject to this obligation.
On January 1, 2006, all other pools fall within the scope of this Act.
All AZENCO enclosures meet NF-P90-309 safety standards.