Azenco motorized flat pool enclosure

An attractive and discreet pool

Invisible drive unit

the motorized flat pool enclosure is the same as the removable, flat cover with a motor added.
Attractive, everything has been done to make it as discreet has possible because the drive unit is hidden the pool pavement

Easy deployment

Its roller system means the panels can move simply and the lift drive enables the arches to be stacked easily, sliding over each other until the entire pool is uncovered and your pool is revealed in all its original glory.

The flat motorised pool enclosure requires a rfloor track as it is guided manually.

A remote control is supplied with the drive unit.

Safety guarantee

The slight bend of the steel cross beams makes the panels rigid and provides optimum and long-lasting safety.

norme NF-P90-309The product bonus

Open or closed, the motors remain invisible.



The clic up

option clic upAZENCO provides a motorised retainer bar for removable and curved flat pool enclosures.

No need to lift the panel, the retainer bar takes care of everything.