Azenco removable flat pool enclosure

Design and comfort for your basin

An attractive cover for your pool

Its attractive design gives it its charm. It becomes one with your pool and is discrete, blending harmoniously with the environment. The flat removable pool enclosure is also well designed to ensure maximum comfort.

It can be fully folded, thus releasing the entire pool. Slightly curved, the removable flat pool enclosure evacuates water efficiently. In addition, you’ll gain 7-10°C in water temperature, allowing you to enjoy your pool from April to October.

Adjustable opening

With its retainer bars, the flat removable enclosure allows gives you an adjustable opening. This is useful when you want shelter from the wind and enjoy the sun without having to fully uncover the pool.

Easy deployment

Mounted on casters, the AZENCO flat enclosure can be deployed very easily This system means the panels can be easily slid together, superimposing them at the end of the basin.

The pool enclosure can be dismantled and easily removed by two people.

norme NF-P90-309The product bonus

Its slight curve makes the module perfectly rigid for added safety.



An invisible drive

option piscine abri clic upAZENCO is innovating to make your pool enclosure even more discreet and attractive. A store under the pool deck is provided to house the entire drive unit.

The absence of rails on the ground* and fitting only to the deck means the enclosure can be completely removed and the pool returned to its original state.

This system is suitable for flat pool enclosure models, curved pool and Visio®* pool enclosures.

*depending on the slope of the deck

the clic up

option clic upAZENCO provides a motorised retainer bar for removable and curved flat pool enclosures.

No need to lift the panel, the retainer bar takes care of everything.