Azenco hot tub enclosure

  • Just like your pool, your hot tub must be protected from the weather and the cold. It’s main role is relaxation, at any time of day and year. This is why Azenco offers a range of hot tub
    enclosures suited to your environment, above ground or sunken.

    In addition to protecting you from the outside, hot tub enclosures enable you to maintain your water quality and make maintenance easy.

    Create a new living area with the hot tub enclosure, a new space for relaxing for all seasons.

    Azenco offers 2 types of hot tub enclosure: sliding or telescopic or mobile patio hot tub.

    • Abri de spa

      Azenco hot tub enclosure

      Quel plaisir de vivre l’extérieur de l’intérieur à l’abri du vent, de la pluie et du froid avec l’abri de spa.