Azenco hot tub enclosure

well being all year round

An ideal cover for your hot tub

What a pleasure it would be to live outside from the inside, protected from the wind, rain and cold with a hot tub enclosure.

Attractive, with views on the outside, this hot tub enclosure allows you to enjoy moments of well-being throughout the year.

Simple to use

Convenient and lightweight, this hot tub enclosure is very easy to use. Open and close it without forcing.

Fits all tubs

Azenco provides many very high-quality models. If the space around your pool is not absolutely flat, we recommend you choose a tub enclosure without rails.

The product bonus

  • adaptable (available with or without rails)
  • fully retractable
  • well-being and comfort all year round


  • Folding doors/French doors/screen
  • Air heating

norme NF-P90-309Technical elements

Floor fixing: Anti-lift aluminium rail in the enclosure extension connected to wheels that cannot be unscrewed without the key.



solar powered

motorisation solaire abir piscineAZENCO provides a solar-powered drive system for residential pool enclosures using photovoltaic panel technology. A significant energy saving!

No need to connect your pool enclosure to the mains, it works completely independently. Simple to set up, easy to use and environmentally friendly!