Azenco mobile hot tub deck

A 3 in 1 mobile hot tub cover

This is a mobile pool deck that adapts to your sunken hot tub. With the same features and benefits as the POOLDECK, Azenco has produced a smaller version to cover your hot tub.

A triple function cover

A hot tub, patio and deck cover all at the same time, the mobile hot tub patio is ideal for making the most of small spaces. It also covers the swim hot tubs.

optimal protection

Simple to use, it provides effective heat protection. It has a completely secure child-friendly lock. There is an optional solar-powered motor. Finally, better than a conventional hot tub, it stops evaporation and prevents heat loss.

logo_normeNF-P90-309The product bonus

  • The mobile hot tub patio deck fits all sizes of hot tub.
  • Specific insulation between the aluminium frame and the deck.




option pooldeck moteur solaireAZENCO provides a solar-powered drive system for residential pool enclosures using photovoltaic panel technology. A significant energy saving!

No need to connect your pool enclosure to the mains, it works completely independently. Simple to set up, easy to use and environmentally friendly!


option couleur pooldeck4 composite colors available :

  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • dark brown
  • light brown