Azenco Neo telescopic pool enclosure

Very quickly deployed

The panels slide and fit together very easily

This telescopic pool enclosure consists of nesting panels of different widths that fit into each other. Uncover your pool in a way to suit you, either module by module or all of it.

It can be handled easy and by just one person. Its functions and design have several advantages:


  • The panels are a skeleton structure (aesthetic benefit and optimum sealing)
  • Transparent sides along the entire length

Folds at the end of pool

Placed on the deck, it’s easy to completely remove your telescopic pool enclosure and fold it up the end of the pool as the parts slide over each other.

Elegance and transparency

It is very well designed, harmonious curves and transparent sides give it style and lightness (a clever transparent polycarbonate fold limits the number of reinforcements and optimises the beauty of the product)

Water temperature maintained

In addition, you gain 7-10°C in water temperature, meaning you can enjoy your pool from April to October.

norme NF-P90-309The product bonus

  • Rapid deployment
  • Skeleton structure contemporary architecture
  • Drive option attached to the inside of the first section to save space and gain in privacy
  • Sliding door option: The unique sliding opening system provides quick access to the pool without needing to unlock the security features.


The NEO 18

abri neo 18This very low telescopic pool enclosure (18 cm high) is discrete and is integrates seamlessly into the environment. The flat removable pool enclosure is also well designed to ensure maximum comfort



The NEO 30

abri neo 30

The NEO 30 (30 cm) telescopic pool cover remains discreet and offers the opportunity to swim below it.



The NEO 50

abri neo 50

This NEO (50 cm) telescopic pool cover is simple to use and allows you to swim even when fully closed. You can enjoy your pool from April to October in all weather conditions. 



abri neo XXL

This telescopic pool cover, similar to the NEO telescopic one, benefits from the technology and reinforced structures used on residential covers, fits oversized swimming pools, whilst maintaining its discretion and appearance.




Invisible Drive

option piscine abri moteur invisibleNeo telescopic pool enclosurescan be equipped with a new powertrain : cleverly located inside the first panel, it is virtually invisible , while saving space. the shelter wins design and lightness.



Visio system

option visio abri telescopiqueEverything is really possible with Visio® that in addition to simplify access to the pool without having to deploy throughout, allows easy gliding and graduated to release part of the basin in record time without unlocking cleats.