Azenco transparent telescopic pool enclosure

An enclosure almost invisible


This NEO telescopic pool cover is structurally identical to the others and is also entirely made from transparent polycarbonate.

Stylish and discreet, it blends perfectly into your environment.


Invisible Drive

option abri piscine clic upAZENCO is innovating to make your pool enclosure even more discreet and attractive. A store under the pool deck is provided to house the entire drive unit.

The absence of rails on the ground* and fitting only to the deck means the enclosure can be completely removed and the pool returned to its original state.

This system is suitable for flat pool enclosure models, curved pool and Visio®* pool enclosures.

*depending on the slope of the deck.


the visio system

option visio abri telescopiqueEverything is really possible with Visio® that in addition to simplify access to the pool without having to deploy throughout, allows easy gliding and graduated to release part of the basin in record time without unlocking cleats.