Azenco Visio® modular curved pool enclosure

Faster in the water

Even easier access

Each of this curved pool enclosure’s panels consists of two sliding openings giving you the access to the pool you want. The openings slide on each side independently of each other, the entire half of the arch, without the need to remove the brackets and the enclosure sides. With VISIO®, no need to remove or raise the panels of your pool enclosure to enjoy swimming.

This unique system enables you to direct the opening of the enclosure according to the sun or the wind in minimal time and to swim underneath it.

Mounted on casters, VISIO® deploys very easily when you want to completely remove the enclosure.

Even safer

A 360° view of the entire pool means you can keep more of an eye on your children. The Visio® curved pool enclosure closes very easily, making it safer.

A unique modular opening

With a gradual sliding opening, you can adjust your AZENCO enclosure to suit your needs in the blink of an eye.

No rails on the ground

When the VISIO® curved pool cover is open, the absence of rails on the ground helps you keep your pool looking great.

norme NF-P90-309

The product bonus

  • Simple to use
  • Very fast access to the pool
  • Modular



An invisible drive

option abri piscine clic upAZENCO is innovating to make your pool enclosure even more discreet and attractive. A store under the pool deck is provided to house the entire drive unit.

The absence of rails on the ground* and fitting only to the deck means the enclosure can be completely removed and the pool returned to its original state.

This system is suitable for flat pool enclosure models, curved pool and Visio®* pool enclosures.

*depending on the slope of the deck.