Pooldeck, Azenco's mobile pool deck

A 3 in 1 mobile pool cover

A pool deck but also a patio

A very clever innovation that transforms your pool cover into a deck or patio. Its design is very discreet and contemporary.

POOLDECK is the ideal solution for bringing the pool into the house. You’ll love how easy it is to use and how simply and quickly it handles.

Triple use coverage

A pool cover, patio and a deck all at the same time, Pooldeck is Azenco’s 3 in 1 solution.

More than just a pool enclosure, it is a truly modular platform that fits in anywhere.

Optimal protection

Simple to use, it provides effective thermal protection. It has a completely secure child-friendly lock. Finally, it avoids the water evaporation and heat losses.

logo_normeNF-P90-309The product bonus

POOLDECK fits all sizes of pool, including small ones and saves you a lot of space. In addition, it has a solar-powered motor.

Several possible variations:

  • 1 moduleThe POOLDECK module slides from one side of the pool to reveal it and turn it into a deck.Once closed, it can be used as a patio.
  • 2 modules2 POOLDECK modules are positioned on either side of the pool. They slide back and forth to hide or uncover the pool. Once the pool has been uncovered, this version provides 2 usable decks.
  • DrawerThis version allows you to uncover the pool as a telescopic pool enclosure. The parts fit together the one below the other to reveal the entire pool.

procede pooldeck en image



solar-powered motor

option pooldeck moteur solaireAZENCO provides a solar-powered drive system for residential pool enclosures using photovoltaic panel technology. A significant energy saving!
No need to connect your pool enclosure to the mains, it works completely independently. Simple to set up, easy to use and environmentally friendly!




option couleur pooldeck4 compound colors available :

  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • dark brown
  • light brown