Azenco mid-high pool enclosure

Discreet comfort

A good compromise

The mid-high pool enclosure is a good compromise between a low and high cover enclosure.

1.80 m high, you can easily swim inside. It blends perfectly into your environment.

Fully-telescopic pool enclosure

To reveal the entire pool and enjoy the sun, the enclosure is fully telescopic (available with or without ground rail and in a central opening version).

The parts are guided by a simple and almost invisible system.

A discreet stainless steel flap is fixed to the enclosure extension connected to wheels that cannot be unscrewed without the key.

norme NF-P90-309The product bonus

  • Hassle-free enclosure with a central, full telescopic or pull-out opening.
  • The vertical uprights can be in polycarbonate or safety glass.
  • Does not need a building permit
  • Skeleton structure



Solar-powered motor

motorisation solaire abir piscineAZENCO provides a solar-powered drive system for residential pool enclosures using photovoltaic panel technology. A significant energy saving!

No need to connect your pool enclosure to the mains, it works completely independently. Simple to set up, easy to use and environmentally friendly!