Azenco wooden high pool enclosure


Your pool, in its natural state

A premium pool enclosure

A premium Azenco pool enclosure, it fits perfectly into your surroundings. Get several months more bathing time (6 to 8°C higher water temperature on average).

It protects you from the weather and pollution, leaving clean water throughout the year. It is resistant to snow and wind.

Easy to handle

It’s easy to handle: the wooden side panels are double opening and overlap under the roof. They offer a wide variety of opening positions in rows (the full width of the shelter and the rotunda): full closure, partial safe and ventilation closure, total openness. The enclosure is fixed and as such does not require ground rails or wheels.

Esta cubierta es fija y por ello no requiere raíles en el suelo ni ruedas.

It adds value to your home.

A welcoming space, this pool enclosure increases the value of your property.

The wood used to produce our enclosures comes from responsibly managed and socially forestry (reforestation program).

norme NF-P90-309The product bonus

  • a real extra room
  • modular opening
  • wood, a premium material
  • the enclosure’s gable: opportunity for a rotunda with 2 or 3 openings or right-hand gable with sliding door