Azenco services and guarantees



AZENCO guarantees the high-quality aluminium powder coated steel beams as well as UV-treated double-sided polycarbonate sheets used in its pool enclosures for 10 years .

The materials have been selected for quality of their longevity and solidity. Steel beams for example offer a very high resistance to climatic differences. Choosing the best technology means we can optimise the performance of our products that are all manufactured in France


A large number of user tests are carried out, particularly in the laboratory, to get steel beams approved and to optimise product quality in terms of its functionality, strength and technical expertise.

For example: salt spray ageing tests, tests for compatibility between our products and your pool’s environment, snow and wind resistance tests … All our products are certified by an independent body, the LNE National Testing Laboratory.


All Azenco* pool enclosures meet NF-P90-309 safety standards.
The law has required the installation of a standardised safety since January 2003: law No. 2003-09 dated January 3, 2003. The aim is make pools safe and prevent young children drowning.

New private pools for individual or group use, have had to be fitted with a safety device since 1st January 2004.
Since 1st May 2004, existing pools in rented homes have
also been subject to this requirement.

Since 1st January 2006, all other pools have come under the scope of this law.

*The Pooldeck enclosure meets the NF-P90-308 safety standard.


Easy to contact, responsive and highly skilled, Azenco technicians will come to your home whenever necessary. A helpline is also available to answer all your questions. You can also contact our customer service through our website.


We carry out all installations to guarantee Azenco quality. Our expert installers can fine tune the smallest details at your home to ensure the product you purchased works properly.