Our technical choices

Technological advances to improve comfort

A perfect finish

Steel beams, coatings, treatments, everything has been designed for an appearance that in addition makes our products extremely easy to use. Apart from the protection they offer, Azenco creations are stylish: perfectly designed, sleek lines, light, resistant materials with impeccable finishes, nice to touch and easy on the eye.

Premium materials

Choosing the best technology means we can optimise the performance of our products.

Low pool enclosures (flat, curved, telescopic):

The steel beams of our low pool enclosures are aluminium powder-coated Qualicoat Qualimarine and plates are 8mm UV-treated double-sided structured polycarbonate. (aluminium and polycarbonate guaranteed for 10 years).

The steel beams have a ventilation duct which reduces moisture in polycarbonate plates. The EPDM seals between beams and plates provide excellent sealing.

Residential swimming pool enclosures (mid-high ABF, mid-high R-design, high ABF, high R-design, leaning, contiguous, rotunda) and hot tub enclosures:

The materials used for these residential pool and hot tub enclosures are somewhat different from those used for low ones. These are used as a room for living, they are made from even more resistant modules and sealing and insulation materials.

Polycarbonate roofing:
The 10 or 16 mm thick polycarbonate plate provides better thermal insulation (U = 2.7W/m2 • K °). UV treatment on both sides (10 years warranty against direct radiation and glare).

The side walls and low staircase effect mean all the covered area can be used.

The dark grey color granite:
This dynamic and trendy standard colour fits easily into any environment. The quality of the powder coating is designed to withstand shock and scratches.

Safety glass side window:
This 4mm thick glass supports impact shocks better than ordinary glass, stays straight, does not bend and above all does not scratch.

The frame covering:
This triple-joint recovery principle ensures a better seal (no scrubbing brush).

Mobile pool patios:

The framework of the mobile deck is made from aluminium. It has wheels with stainless steel needle bearings.
The mobile patio supports a load of 150 kg/m2.
It has aluminium rails along the length of the pool. The rails must be mounted on a non-removable solid surface (concrete or deck).
4 composite deck coverings are available: light and dark brown, light and dark grey.



  • logos-visio


    The Visio® system that allows unique modular opening without unlocking fastening systems..

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  • logos-texte-pooldeck


    The Pooldeck system turns your mobile patio into a deck and/or a patio

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  • logos-texte-roll


    The Roll’n’roll system, with its double casters, makes the pool enclosure easier to deploy.

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    The driver unit is hidden under the pool deck.

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  • logo R design


    A contemporary shape with a slight bend brings a new aesthetic to high or mid-high pool enclosures. (learn more)

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  • logo volet hybride


    This 2 in 1 cover combines swimming pool cover and AZENCO flat pool enclosure technology . It adapts to pools with stairs along the length of the pool.

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