why choosing a pool enclosure? how do you choose the best one?

AZENCO pool enclosures have all the same benefits: protection, water heating, safety …

However, they each have features and different handling systems. AZENCO helps you choose the pool cover that best suits your needs using its expertise and its custom design.


For greater safety

The pool enclosure, a reliable safety system

What does the law say?
Since January 2003, the law has required the installation of a standardised safety device: law No. 2003-09 dated January 3, 2003. The aim is make pools safe and prevent young children drowning.
New private pools for individual or group use, have had to be fitted with a safety device since 1st January 2004.
Since 1st May 2004, existing pools in rented homes have also been subject to this requirement.
On 1st January 2006, all other pools came under the scope of this law.

All Azenco enclosures meet NF-P90-309 safety standards.

Which pools are affected by the law?
Those affected by the law are private pools for outdoor individual or collective use that are sunken or semi-sunken.
This category covers:

  • Family pools or those reserved for residents.
  • Holiday resort, hotels, holiday rentals,camp sites, etc …

General and regulatory information

To enjoy your pool all year round

Your enclosure 365 days a year

From the first rays of sun, your shelter stores heat and the water temperature increases by several degrees. Get into your pool for the first swim of the year without any additional heating.
Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of swimming throughout the summer. At night, just roll out your enclosure for ideal water temperature by breakfast.

In the Autumn, your enclosure protects your pool from leaves and dirt.
And in winter, it’s not bothered by snow nor cold because that’s what it’s designed for.

effective protection

A pool enclosure provides better water quality and uses fewer treatment products.