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Mid-high pool enclosure

cubierta de piscina semi-alta Azenco

Mid-high pool enclosure Azenco

The mid-high pool enclosure is a good compromise between a low and a high cover enclosure. With a height of 1.80 m , you can easily swim inside. It blends perfectly into your environment.
To reveal the entire pool and enjoy the sun, the enclosure is fully telescopic (available with or without ground rail and in a central opening version).The parts are guided among themselves by a simple and almost invisible system.
Discover all its benefits :
Mid-way between the discreet flat enclosure (but with the impossibility to swim below) and the high pool enclosure (bigger and more expensive), the mid-highenclosure allows to enjoy your pool all year round. This intermediate height allows to circulate there freely, to keep harmonious proportions and like a greenhouse effect, warms not only the water but also the ambient air :there is no favorite season to enjoy your pool.

Entretien minimaliste

its maintenance becomes almost non-existent because the pool is protected from all the surrounding nuisances: dust, herbs and leaves, insects the clean-up duties is thus reduced to nothing, garaged in the technical premises, the landing nets, the robots or other brooms.


The main concern of every parent having very young children is to secure the space bathing; totally closed and locked,it prevents the accidental falls in the water and the children have access only under YOUR supervision.

Choose your space of relaxation:

If mid-high enclosure are compatible with any shape of swimming pool, we make of every project, a solution corresponding to your expectation. After check of the feasibilitysin

Optimal security

Choosing a relaxing spot :

Even if mid-high enclosure suits to all shape of pools. we make of every custom-made project, a solution corresponding to your expectations

The key points of this enclosure

After checking the feasibility by our technical teams, you can decide to keep a more or less big part to include a pool side and fit out your covered relaxing space : deckchairs, tables, decorations, etc….

The strenghts of this enclosure

Thanks to an innovative and modern design, the mid-high pool enclosure with its telescopic central opening , allows to opt for a total or partial opening; Put on invisible tracks or wheels it can be more discreet in summer: all its pieces are linked into each other in order to facilitate its arrangement at the end of pool
Quality materials , (powder coated aluminium guaranteeing robustness and esthetics, non-scratched safety glass, UV-treated polycarbonate) make a qualitative enclosure which meet NF-P90-309 safety standards.
In its high-end version, some options can come in addition: if you wish to avoid the manipulations of openings and closures, it is possible to have a motor.
Additional openings and folding doors can also be considered.


Azenco garantees its residential pool enclosures for 10 years.

Setting-up in any serenity

This type of enclosure, perfectly flexible according to the chosen configuration, to the maximal height of 1.80 m, is submitted to no prior authorization, and no administrative formality, what facilitates its setting-up.