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Polycarbonate blades slatted cover

persiana de piscina policarbonato


A functional and discreet solution

Besides the aesthetic, economical and functional choice, the swimming pool cover is relevant for its simplicity. Adaptable to all forms of swimming pools, it allows to free the space around the pool thanks to its small overload.

The Azenco’s pool slatted cover is also handled without any effort, in a single turn of key, to deploy it at convenience. It keeps the pool clean, keeps the water temperature and limits evaporation.

A new slatted cover with polycarbonate blades

These new polycarbonate blades combine the perfect insulation offered by PVC blades and the polycarbonate energy performance. The polycarbonate component heats the water in the pool and allows to gain several degrees compared to a slatted cover made up of traditional blades. In addition, these blades are impact-resistant and guarantee superior solidity against hail and shock and can support high UV radiation.