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Choosing between an enclosure and a cover

Compliance with safety standards, preservation of clean water, extended bathing times: covering your swimming pool has many advantages. Two cover systems are possible:

  • Rolling cover: In compliance with the NF P90-308 standard, the Azenco pool cover is a motorized rolling deck cover that is attractive due to its small size and ease of use. Ideal to protect your pool water from impurities and to limit its evaporation, it also allows to keep it longer at the right temperature. At a lower cost, the pool flap is still difficult to adapt to non-standardized swimming pools and is less resistant to bad weather.
  • The pool enclosure: with their thermo-lacquered aluminum structure labeled Qualicoat and Qualimarine, their polycarbonate facades treated against UV rays and their safety dials, Azenco enclosures offer optimal protection and design to your pool while meeting the NF P90-309 standard. Practical on a daily basis, the opening and closing systems are easily slidable and stackable. Able to preserve quality and water temperature, they can be discreet (flat cover) or become a real relaxation area (high enclosures, mid-high, backed by the house). However, be careful with the larger size for this type of roof and high enclosure that requires a building permit.