This removable enclosure provides, thanks to its curved shape, height from 65 to 120 cm and allows you to swim below even if it is fully closed. So, you can take advantage of your pool from the beginning of spring to autumn and in all weather conditions. Besides, you can direct it as you wish it by raising it aside for optimal protection according to the wind.

Amo avec visio
Amo gris relevé
The advantages
  • Guide without lateral rails
  • Strengh of sections
  • The extensive and flexible system
The options
  • Clip up / Clip and move
  • Invisible motorization
  • Visio system

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Removable enclosures, an effective solution to protect your pool

Pool protection is a precaution required by the legislation. If the objective consists in protecting children against drownings, the enclosures offer other advantages. Indeed, they allow you to heat the water of your pool in summer and to maintain the temperature. They also protect the pool from dirtiness carried by the wind. There are a lot of enclosures available on the market and allowing various options of use. Removable enclosures offer various advantages.

Presentation of the removable pool enclosure

Usually, it is a low enclosure with several sections that can be moved next to the pool or raised with the retainer bars. These sections have different functionalities which allow discovering entirely the pool or just a part. To move them, two people are necessary. Then, to use your pool over a long period of time, it is recommended to put one section on top of the other storing them beside the pool.

If you want to avoid wind or sun, you just have to raise the sections.

These enclosures generally have a dome shape that allows them to be installed without occupying too much space around the beach.

Its advantages

Beyond the security function protecting children from drownings and water from dust and leaves, this enclosure has different assets. As it is possible to handle each section independently, you can discover only a part of the pool.

Its complete closure allows warming water thanks to the greenhouse effect. In the same way, its cover isolates water from cold and allows it to maintain the temperature.

Thanks to its little dimensions, the removable enclosure can be directly installed on the coping stone of the pool or on its wooden terrace. Then, it is recommended for pools installed in small spaces. The dimensions assure good discretion when it is closed.

Modular opening

Thanks to its beams, this removable curved pool enclosure can be raised entirely and you can direct the opening of each panel. Then, you can shelter the wind or enjoy the sun and discover your swimming pool according to your desires.

Easy deployment on rollers

The rollers of the curved pool enclosure allow an easy deployment. Lightless and resistance of the aluminum facilitate the handling. A unique sliding system to modulate easily the enclosure. It is possible to add a motor.