The definition of a discreet and elegant pool slatted cover. The submerged pool slatted cover brings safety and aesthetic. Embedded in the pool the Azenco submerged cover is very discreet. Our consultants are present at every step of the installation.

This is the ideal solution for all those who want to secure their pool while keeping the aesthetic of their relaxation space in total discretion. The pool cover has been designed to preserve the ergonomic use of your pool as well as its general appearance.

The pool cover represents the sober and elegant touch that enhances your pool even when it is not usable or when it rains.

Volet de piscine immergé semi-ouvert
Volet piscine lames PVC
Volet de piscine avec lames blanches
The advantages
  • Integrated limit switch management
  • 24 volt motorization
  • Thermo-welded caps
The options
  • Polycarbonate blades
  • 2 square angles under coping stone
  • 1 beam / 1 board for 1 PVC wall
  • 2 vertical rails / 1 horizontal for a PVC wall
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Advantages of the pool cover

In order to prevent various tailings or dusts from entering a pool, many users install equipment that protects the basin from these forms of pollution. The pool slatted cover ensures cleanliness and comfort in the use of your pool and reduces the time spent cleaning the pool.

Convenient in winter as in summer, since the cover retains heat thanks to its system of protection of the basin limits the evaporation of water. This is an equipment that reduces the energy and time costs associated with maintaining a personal pool.

Very simple to use, in a simple lap of the key, the submerged flap opens and closes at your convenience, without any effort and without any noise. This automated opening and closing offer flexibility in the use of your pool. It may be open at any time, with friends or loved ones.

It is ideal if young children regularly or occasionally come to your home. According to French law, this cover is reassuring protection against falls and prevents the risk of drowning.

If your pool is located outside your house, the slatted cover is an attractive investment to protect your pool from bad weather.

Our experts can install the Azenco product directly when delivering your pool or afterward. This facility works by studying your pond, garden and usage needs.

Polycarbonate blades

The polycarbonate slatted cover blade supports very large UV radiation, with a heat deformation point of 140° to 80° for the PVC blade cover. In addition, polycarbonate is eight times more resistant to shocks than a traditional pool cover, so it is more durable in time and can better support harsh weather such as hail. Option available on the submerged, fixed and mobile shutter.

Characteristics of the product

The submerged pool slatted cover adapts to a wide choice of pool surfaces: L pool, rectangle, bean, round. However, for optimal installation, the pool must not exceed the following dimensions: 6 m x 12 m.


The pool cover works with a tubular motor integrated into the axis of the pool. The engine power is 24 volts and the battery has a capacity of 18 Ampere-Time. The product is supplied with a charger. It works by monthly charge.

Technical specifications

The engine is supplied from an electric box installed in the technical room.
The location of the cover is separated from the bathing area by a wall or bulkhead.
All the motorized range has automatic travel limit management.
Width of a blade: 73mm
Blade colors: grey, white, beige and blue
2 finishings: wall / on square
Covering: PVC grating / wooden grating


Anodized aluminum shaft and 1 tubular motor / Attachment plates / 1 key box / 3 counterweight / Electrical power box / 3-position key switch / 6 à 12 fixings / 3 safety fastenings


The pool cover is guaranteed 3 years and meets the NF P90-308 safety standard.
They are made in France.