The telescopic pool enclosure has nesting panels to be handled easily. The panels of different widths fit into each other so that you can discover your pool according to your desires, module by module, or in totality. Equipped with Roll’ n’ roll technology, casters placed under the panels, the enclosure can be deployed by a single person.

If you want a discrete enclosure or a new living-room in your garden, Neo enclosures will satisfy all your desires.

To meet your expectations, Azenco has combined the best of design, discretion and quality, creating a complete range of telescopic enclosures, low, mid-high and high. In the same vein, the company has developed a brand new ultra-low telescopic enclosure, the Neo Smart.

Neo smart
Neo Smart
Neo smart
Neo smart
The advantages
  • The lowest telescopic enclosure
  • Small footprint
  • Easy and rapid deployment
The options
  • Motorization
  • Transparent polycarbonate roofing
  • Visio® sliding door
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Even more discreet

A real compromise between the telescopic enclosure and the removable flat enclosure, the Neo smart makes itself forgotten and integrates perfectly with any type of environment. Extra-low, this new enclosure does not distort the design of your pool.

Comfort guaranteed

An extra low telescopic enclosure allows gaining between 7 to 10°C to bathe longer. As other telescopic enclosures, it is easy to handle, its panels interlock easily.

Sleek design

Chrome finishes have been added to emphasize the modern and design effect of this new enclosure. In addition, harmonious curves and transparent sides throughout the length give it elegance and lightness. Two available colors for the Neo Smart, anthracite grey and light grey, which are sober to keep the contemporary design of the enclosure.

A telescopic enclosure above all

The Neo Smart pool enclosure guarantees the same functionalities as all our telescopic enclosures: safety, high climate change resistance (snow, wind and sun). Indeed, the enclosure has a Qualicoat Qualimarine powder-coated aluminum structure, 8 mm double-sided alveolar polycarbonate sheets for the roof and 4 mm transparent polycarbonate for the sides. Thanks to dowels fixed in the ground your enclosure won’t fly away.

Safety ensured

As all our covers, the Neo Smart enclosure meets the NF P90-309 security standard required. A safety knob can be locked with a key. The aim is to make pools safe and prevent young children drowning.


Azenco guarantees its high-quality powder coated aluminum steel and polycarbonate for 10 years and other pieces such as wheels, seals for 2 years.