Stylish and spacious

R-Car 2 places’ carport is designed for two cars. Protect your car from bad weather: hail, rain with sand, dust, frost and heat (no direct contact with rays of the sun).

R-Car carport is independent but it can be leaned against the wall.

Carport 2 places
Carport 2 places
The advantages
  • Design
  • Powder coated aluminium : does not rust
  • UV treated
The options
  • 1 seat
  • Leaned
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A recognized know-how

The R-Car car enclosure doesn’t rust, which facilitates maintenance. This carport will protect your car from hail or sun.

The best materials

Our R-Car carports take profit of Azenco’s competence in the manufacturing of pool and terrace enclosures as well as an innovating design, real hallmark of Azenco.

Beams of your car enclosure are made of a thermolacquered aluminum structure certify Qualicoat Qualimarine and slabs of treated alveolar polycarbonate anti-UV double face and anti-yellowing.