A canopy for your home

The telescopic terrace enclosure R-Home from Azenco protects your patio as a canopy. This R-Home enclosure fills the outdoor space while maintaining the light. It transforms your terrace into a living-room; thus, you enjoy your terrace all along the year: covered in the mid-season and uncovered in the hot seasons. The glass also provides better thermal and acoustic insulation.


Abri téléscopique
Abri téléscopique
Abri téléscopique
The advantages
  • Very easy to deploy
  • Design
The options
  • Fixed front / mobile front
  • Accordion door
  • Blinds or curtains / screen

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Glass frontage

The R-Home patio enclosure is equipped with a double-glazed glass or Sécurit facades. The glass offers a rare elegance. It allows avoiding the installation of horizontal transverse at the center of the facades which gives it a beautiful visual aesthetic.


An easy to handle patio enclosure

The R-Home patio enclosure is equipped with an efficient rolling system that makes it easy to deploy. Like the Neo patio enclosure, the R-Home patio enclosure is telescopic. Its opening is adapted to your environment and your home: it can be central or trundle (one end of the enclosure or the other or both depending on the layout of your patio).

R-Home has a transparent polycarbonate roof in total harmony with its glass facades.

Entirely transparent, indoor blends with outdoor.

It is a true comfort bubble that the patio enclosure offers you.