The Neo telescopic enclosure consists of nested panels of different widths that fit into each other. This system allows you to uncover your pool as you wish, either section by section or entirely.

It can be handled easily and by just one person.

The advantages
  • Rapid deployment
  • Contemporary architecture
  •  Discreet motorization
The options
  • Internal motorization
  •  Visio Sliding door® System
  • View: transparent polycarbonate roofing
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The telescopic enclosure can be folded-up at one end of the pool

Its panels slide and interlock easily, it is easy to deploy your telescopic pool enclosure and fold-up at the end of the pool. The area of the poolside is entirely freed.

Water temperature maintained

The water temperature of the pool increases by 7 to 10°C, which allows enjoying your pool from April to October.

Higher quality material

The beams of the telescopic pool enclosure are made up of 8 mm thick alveolar polycarbonate sheets UV-treated for the roof and for the sides in 4 mm-thick transparent polycarbonate Qualicoat Qualimarine powder-coated aluminum. The beams have a ventilation duct which allows to limit and to evacuate the condensation of the polycarbonate sheets. The EPDM seals between beams and sheets assure an excellent waterproofness.

If you want more information, see our comparative page on pool enclosures and shutters.

Security for children and animals

Do you have children? A pet? The security around your pool is important for you. Also for us! Our products are in accordance with French standards imposed to pool enclosures manufacturers: Standard NF P90-309.


Our low pool enclosure NEO is very safe. To protect your children when they play, the safety knobs, when they are activated, prevent the structure from sliding. You stay with a quiet mind during relaxing moments in your house. Moreover, one of the safety knobs can be locked with a key. It protects even children who would have learned how to activate the knob.

What is the use of side fronts?

The low pool enclosure consists of two perpendicular side fronts, which allow to put aeration blades. The condensation under the enclosure is inevitable, it is a natural phenomenon that does not degrade the quality of your pool. Air blades are in the side parts of the enclosure to ventilate this closed area.

How to use the low telescopic pool enclosure?

After the order, the NEO enclosure will be manufactured and delivered at your home. Once fitted by our fitters, you will learn to use it. The opening and closure of the enclosure will be the first stages shown by our fitter. The NEO pool enclosure is telescopic, that is to say, each section will be nested in order to leave a discreet stacking. Obviously, the enclosure can remain open during a day. In winter, it can also be closed during a long period. It is very easy handling for a man, a woman, or a teenager because panels are very slights.

Design of the enclosure

Thanks to a modern aluminum structure which gives it a very design side, the NEO pool enclosure will be very discreet in your environment. Very well drawn, you will be seduced by its harmonious curves and its transparent sides.

Resistance of the enclosure to snow, wind

Our industrial production already seduced 10 000 customers, the Azenco pool enclosures are resistant in bad weather of our French climates. Among them, the NEO pool enclosure resists very well against bad conditions as strong wind, strong hot seasons, corrosive sea air of the seaside and heavy snowfalls.

Windage, corrosion, discoloration by UV: these risks are eradicated thanks to the quality of materials selected for your low pool enclosure.

About wind, the first quality of the NEO enclosure is its size. It is low, thus motionless in front of gusts of wind. The second advantage is the material of the enclosure: aluminum. It is a Qualicoat Qualimarine powder-coated aluminum structure. Moreover, the enclosure is designed, manufactured and assembled in our factory: any problem of waterproofness!

Thanks to its fastening bolts, the NEO enclosure will be correctly fixed to the ground to support bad weather. You just have to fold-up entirely the enclosure and screw the safety knob to the ground during the bad weather.

Our guarantee certificates the preservation of the enclosure until 100km / hour of wind.

Please see our advice article concerning the weight and thickness of snow supported by the enclosure according to the French Standard NF P90-309.