This pool slatted cover can be fixed up on the edge of the swimming pool.
It is particularly adapted to square pools, but also to a majority of pools.
The above-ground cover brings serenity, aesthetic and it is easy to handle.

It is the ideal solution to protect your pool by reducing the occupied area and the cost.

You can open or close it as you wish, effortless, and with a turn of the key!

Volet de piscine ouvert
Volet piscine hors-sol fixe
Volet hors-sol lames polycarbonate
The advantages
  • Integrated limit switch management
  • 24 volt motorization
  • Aluminum base
The options
  • Polycarbonate blades
  • Disengageable motorization
  • Anti-leaves safety net
  • Panel of blades
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The above ground cover: a discreet and efficient protection

Ideal protective device for your pool, the pool cover is seduced by its simplicity and reduced size. Adaptable to the majority of swimming pools, whatever their shape, it is a true guarantee of safety that ensures you use your pool in all serenity.

Maximum dimensions

The maximum and minimum dimensions of the above ground cover pool are 6 m x 3 m and 6 x 12 m. For the fixed above ground XXL, the pool cover dimensions are 8 x 14 m.

Available options

  • Polycrystalline solar front
  • Staircase cut square/filter
  • Ladder hinge
  • 3 systems of motorization
  • Guide rail
  • Battery
  • Cut-off salt electrolysis
  • Flat adapter
  • Disengageable motor
  • Covering feet

An elegant and plain aesthetic

Very thin, the slatted cover seduces by its discreet elegance. You preserve all the aesthetic of your pool while securing and protecting it effectively. Our covers can be adapted to both existing pools and swimming pools under construction. Once stored discreetly outside the pool you can enjoy your pool.

You can choose the PVC color (grey, white, beige or blue). The cover can also have polycarbonate blades (transparent, blue, grey or black). It is possible to cut blades according to your stairs, angles and shape of your pool.

A great operating comfort

Very handy, the installation of the aboveground cover does not require tedious work. The nesting of the blades can then be done by clipping the blades between them.
Very easy and quick to handle, the cover opens and closes without any difficulty and in minimal time. In fact, all our automatic covers models are equipped with a powerful motor that allows a daily use without effort.
Only one key turn is required to operate it. Once the cover is fully opened or closed, the stop is automatic. With the automatic travel limit management, it is not necessary to control the winding of the cover. It is set during installation: when the cover is closed, the cover ends up in the desired place adjusted to the straps. It is the same for opening: it will be in a good position from the start on the axis for good functioning.

Slatted cover with polycarbonate blades

The polycarbonate blades combine the perfect insulation offered by PVC blades and the polycarbonate energy performance. The polycarbonate component heats the water in the pool and allows it to gain several degrees compared to a slatted cover made up of traditional blades.

Optimal protection for long life

Composed of very robust PVC blades, the safety cover has a long life and is particularly strong.
With the above ground cover, your pool water benefits from temperature gain and effective protection against dust, leaves, pollen, algae and any other micro-organism. This limits the use of often expensive cleaning products. The salt electrolyzer function also allows the best regulation of chlorine production by adjusting automatically in case of opening or closing the cover.

Technical specifications

  • White blade 7 3mm
  • Aluminum anodized axle diameter 140 mm and thickness 5 mm
  • Lacquered beams with fixings
  • Integrated tubular motor in the axle 24 volts
  • Automatic travel limit management
  • Power supply unit
  • 3-position key switch
  • Safety fastenings