Couverture station

Covers for water treatment plant

This specific enclosure has to allow to reach easily the pool. It also has to protect it from outside attacks when it is closed, in particular of the sun, because the reprocessing of waters requires a low temperature. Very technical, this type of enclosure has to answer specifications required by companies at the national level and integrating the French and European standards.

Covers for salt tanks

In winter, the stocks of salt must be particularly protected from the humidity. We dedicated this product to this function by bringing specific advantages. This industrial product is designed to resist the extreme conditions: wind, snow, salt…

Couverture bac
Station lavage

Car wash installations

Car wash points designed thanks to the technicality of Azenco and its capacity to adapt rigorous standards of safety and functionality. This expertise allows creating specific covers dedicated to various industrial fields.

Enclosures for professionals

Azenco answers thanks to his know-how in pool enclosures, to the requests of private companies and public authorities. Its expertise allows it to adapt itself to the most unusual requests as enclosures for boats.

Abris pro
Abris piscine publiques

Public pool enclosures

Azenco has recognized know-how with numerous achievements to his credit. The structures, beams and glass are designed for intensives use and guarantee high security and the preservation of the heat.