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Our patents

Azenco is above all innovation and desire to propose new products. It is our strategy to propose a modern design and exclusive options that bring more comfort, more security and better value for money.

Azenco’s team has developed and patented solutions to make easier use of its products.

Brevets innovation Azenco
cubierta de piscina curvada en blanco Azenco

The Visio® System patent

The Visio® System allows a single modular opening without unlocking the fixing systems.
The polycarbonate panels slide on both sides of the pool enclosure.
Visio® is set up on wheels for easy deployment. They also leave no traces on the enclosure once it is piled. Everything is really possible with Visio® which, in addition to simplifying the access to the swimming pool without being forced to deploy the whole enclosure, allows by a simple and graduated sliding to release half of the basin in record time, without unlocking the Fixing systems. Learn more about the Visio® modular curved pool enclosure by Azenco.

terraza movil para piscina Pooldeck de Azenco

The Pooldeck patent

The Pooldeck, mobile deck transforms your pool enclosure into a deck or a patio. Pooldeck is the Azenco’s 3 in 1 solution. More than a pool enclosure, it is a truly modular platform that adapts itself everywhere; It is a considerable saving of space for small space and it adapts itself to the small swimming pools.

cubierta de piscina Roll n' Roll Azenco

The Roll’n’roll patent

The Roll’n’roll system, thanks to double wheels, allows an easier deployment of your pool enclosure. An innovation that is adapted to the flat and curved swimming pool enclosures range: it allows to slide the first elements rapidly one under the other until the end of the swimming pool.

Cubierta para Piscina Alta Telescopica R-Design

The « R-Design » patent

A contemporary shape with a slight bend that brings a new aesthetic to high pool enclosures and mid-high R Design, both with a central, telescopic integral or trundle opening.

persiana de piscina Azenco

The « Hybrid cover » patent

This 2 in 1 slatted cover combines the pool slatted cover technology and the Azenco’s flat pool enclosure. It adapts itself to swimming pools that have a stair located along the length of the pool.