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Above ground cover

Comfort and aesthetic

An above-ground swimming pool has a specificity: semi-subterranean or above-ground with or without edges.

We can find a solution in each special case.

The advantages

  • Rapid deployment
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Discreet motorization

The options

  • Internal motorization
  • Visio®sliding door System
abri piscine hors-sol

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In a few words

The aboveground pools do not require the same protection as inground pools, nevertheless, they require a minimum of maintenance for good use. They can take advantage of an enclosure to maintain or increase the water temperature. It also will allow protecting from dirt especially dust of the wind. Even if these enclosures are purchased less than those protecting traditional pools, their use is becoming increasingly widespread. Whether high, low, flat, fixed, telescopic or removable what are the advantages and inconveniences of these enclosures?

Presentation of the different aboveground pool enclosures

Whether used for a half-buried pool or fully aboveground pools, enclosures are available in three different types.

  • The high pool enclosure

It is the best solution chosen and it is used for inground and aboveground pools. The space left around the pool allows the use of the pool, even when it is closed.

  • The low enclosure

It exists in sliding and removable versions, and it is not usually used for aboveground swimming pools. In order to be used, this enclosure needs large coping stones or terrace around the pool.

  • The flat enclosure

Intended to aboveground pools with coping stone, these enclosure propose efficient and discreet protection.

The aboveground enclosure is important to enjoy bathing because it allows you to heat water quickly. Although it is not required to be present on this kind of pool, this enclosure is nonetheless a safety device that will prevent children from endangering themselves. Enclosures maintain your pool clean and avoid repeated cleaning and misuse of the disinfectant product. However, the problems most commonly encountered during its use are the difficulty of obtaining a satisfactory aesthetic finish. It is indeed difficult to find an enclosure with the same colors as the pool. The same conundrum arises when it comes to find devices that perfectly match the shape of the pool.

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