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Flat curved pool enclosure

Design and comfort for your pool

It can be fully folded to open up the entire pool. Slightly curved, the removable flat curved pool enclosure allows to drain water.

On the other hand, it increases water temperature by 7 to 10°C , which allows to enjoy your pool from April to october.

The advantages

  • Slightly curved
  • Sliding
  • Opening on both sides of the panels

The options

  • Electric lifting aid
  • Flat adaptation
esquema grafico cubierta para piscina plana y curvada Azenco
Azenco cubierta plana y curvada para piscina

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In a few words

An aesthetic cover for your pool

Its aesthetic gives him charms. It forms a unit with your swimming pool and can be done discrete, being integrated harmoniously into the environment. The removable flat pool enclosure is also well studied to guarantee a maximum of comfort in use.

Removable panels

Thanks to its retainer bars which maintain the panels, you can direct the opening as you wish it. Then you can shelter from the wind or enjoy sun and discover your swimming pool according to your desires.

Easy deployment

Assembled on wheels, the removable curved pool enclosure Azenco can be deployed with a great facility. This system allows to slide easily the panels.
The removable curved pool enclosure is dismountable and can be easily removed to two persons.

Why do you choose us : our technical assets

The system of flat enclosure makes it very discreet and your new swimming pool unit + enclosure brings a real charm to the garden. Its modern aesthetic raises the space swimming pool while protecting water from the leaves and insects. In addition, it adapts in the majority of the shapes of swimming pool and heights of borders. As presented previously, the system consists of an structure aluminium and panels which are removable: the bars maintain the panels and allow a change of orientation with the sun and the wind. Also, it is an enclosure which can be completely removed in summer, handling requiring the action of 2 people.

The removable curved pool enclosure Azenco is 100% made in France, in our factory. We conceived it according to our tested expertise and improved it with the passing of years. 500 customers already chose it and are satisfied.

Azenco is ensured of Decennial Civil Liability (RCD) and Professional Civil Liability (RC pro). You benefit thus from 10 years a decennial guarantee on the pool enclosure. When maintained well, the pool enclosure lasts about 20 years.

Your future benefits with the removable curved pool enclosure

The flat pool enclosure is an aesthetic, practical and optimal choice. It will be the design element however discreet of your external spaces. In addition to being done discrete, it does not have any rail on the ground and can thus be completely withdrawn.

And thanks to the effect of greenhouse, the temperature of water under the enclosure increases by 6 to 8 degrees. It thus enables you to extend the weeks of bath. Leave the enclosure closed to heat water then reposition the panels to enjoy your swimming pool one month more!

Also, the need for safety is satisfied with all our range of goods of pool covers. The safety of your children is assured since the flat pool enclosure meets French standard NF P90-309.

Designed to measure for your pool

Install a robust pool enclosure and which fulfills all its missions of protection is a judicious choice and a notorious investment. We produce ourselves the product and install our enclosures in France everywhere. And this, with professionalism and passion. 10.000 customers already chose us. While choosing the Azenco enclosure, you select a product and service of quality. Designed to measure with the measures of your technician-council, the enclosure will adapt perfectly to your swimming pool and its borders and will be integrated in a harmonious way into your garden.

Wintering without effort

The removable flat pool enclosure is the most advantageous solution to carry out the wintering of your swimming pool. With a cover of winter or a shutter, the wintering must be total (it is also called passive wintering): the system of filtration must be stopped, the circuit of water drained, etc… Whereas the pool enclosure enables to maintain water in its conditions. The transition from summer to autumn and winter is thus done without effort. Water is protected from leaves and freezing, it does not fear anymore the cold. Indeed, under the enclosure, the natural phenomenon of the effect of greenhouse occurs. The temperature of water increases by 6 to 8 degrees. There is thus no change to operate in your practices, it is the active wintering: the filters and checks of the rate of pH are to be continued (filtration must simply be slowed down with 2 hours a day). You don’t have to lower the level of water.

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