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Slide and Roll pool cover

An adaptable pool cover

The rolling pool cover Slide & Roll is placed at the end of the swimming pool. Its feature is that it has a mobile structure on tracks which allows to cover and secure all free-form pools as well as rectangular classic pools.

The pool slatted cover Slide & Roll brings security, comfort and ease of implementation.
It is the ideal solution for people who want to secure the pool while preserving the space all around the swimming pool. Indeed, its mobility allows it to get away from the pool and thus to enjoy the entire pool.

The advantages

  • Integrated limit switch management
  • Aluminum base
  • Easily movable from the pool surroundings

The options

  • Polycarbonate blades
  • Disengageable motorization
  • Anti-leaves safety net
esquema grafico cubierta de lamas Slide&Roll Azenco
Volet de piscine mobile fabriqué en France par Azenco

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In a few words

Advantages of the cover Slide and Roll

Handy mobile cover, the Slide & Roll stands out from other aboveground covers because of its exceptional adaptability. Designed to be installed on pools with specific shapes such as oval pools, this pool slatted cover provides optimal protection year round. The cover can open and closes with a simple gesture without effort and without noise. No dust, leaf or pollen degrades the quality of your bathing water. Evaporation of the water is limited to daily use, and you enjoy hot water longer. Mobile and easy to handle, your cover is installed at the end of the pool and can be distanced from the pool thanks to a guide rail. The relaxation area around the pool is therefore fully preserved for your enjoyment.

A cover adapted to different kinds of pools.

Whether you have a classic rectangular pool or a free-shape pool, the Slide & Roll cover is able to offer you protection adapted to the specific dimension of your pool. To allow maximum adaptability, the Slide & Roll is available in standard or extra wide dimensions. Depending on the size of your pool, it can effectively cover large pools up to 8 meters in total thanks to a thicker axis.

Maximum dimensions

The minimum and maximum dimensions of the Slide & Roll pool slatted cover are 6 x 3 meters and 6 x 12 meters.

Technical specificities

  • White blades with heat-welded plugs
  • Anodized aluminum axle diameter 140 mm and thickness 5 mm
  • Coated Aluminium beam with wheels
  • Rail 2×1,50 ml
  • Reinforcing bar
  • 24 volts Tubular motor integrated into the axle
  • Battery 18 A/h with monthly recharge
  • Battery charger
  • 3 positions Key switch
  • Safety hooks
  • Stop knob

Optimal safety

Particularly safe, the pool cover protects access to the pool for young children. Thanks to its watertight and robust blades, the safety cover aims to prevent the risk of drowning of the young. This very reassuring daily safety feature perfectly meets the safety standards in force to enjoy your pool in complete serenity.

A large choice of colors

To maintain the aesthetic of your pool, we offer you a large choice of blade colors. You can choose a color that fits with coping stone colors of your pool or the material of your terrace. White, grey, beige or blue for the PVC, transparent, grey, black or blue for the polycarbonate.

Easy maintenance all long year

Easy to maintain, blades of your cover can recover their initial brilliance with a simple water jet or high-pressure cleaner. Between these maintenance phases, you just need to remove leaves and other impurities falling on the cover. Simple checking of the blades, the control box and the joints will guarantee you a lasting product.

In winter, the application of the anti-leaf protective net facilitates the maintenance of your cover by effectively preserving it from any litters and organic waste. Adapted to active and passive wintering, your cover will last for years. If you opt for passive wintering, it is indicated to raise the water level to relieve the flap. In the case of freezing, the flap should not be handled. Finally, in the case of hail, the flap is rolled.

Polycarbonate blades in option

The polycarbonate blades cover combines the advantages of the classic PVC blades and the solar blades, allowing it to be extremely resistant. In addition, this material makes it possible to make significant savings on maintenance products and energy. It offers the possibility to heat the water, in order to gain between 4°C and 6 degrees.

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