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Wooden high enclosure

Natural pool

The wooden pool enclosure is a high-range enclosure Azenco which perfectly matches your outdoor space. You will enjoy the joys of the bathing for a longer period (increase in water temperature from 6 to 8°C).
This pool enclosure protects you from bad weather and pollution with cleaning water all year long. It is very resisting against cold and wind.

The advantages

  • New living area
  • Modular opening
  • Top of the range material

The options

  • 2 or 3 openings
  • Right gable with sliding door
abri de piscine haut bois design

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In a few words

A wooden enclosure to enjoy his pool in any season!

Neither private or public, the first function of a pool is entertainment. Indeed, it allows its users to spend moments of relaxation while doing sport to strengthen the body. Used at all times of day and night, the pool is troubled by seasons and bad weather. Indeed, it is exposed to wind and dust which contaminates water. The solution to solve this problem is a pool enclosure. What is the Azenco wooden enclosure?

Wooden enclosure presentation

With a natural and upscale design, this enclosure has everything to delight the demanding users. The single-piece arches are glued wood and have a very good mechanical strength. The wood used comes from responsibly managed and socially forestry. The pool enclosures have a lot of modular openings and its discreet glass panels lead to forget its presence.

Characteristics of the wooden enclosure

The side panels are double opening. According to the direction of the door opening, they can be overlapped under the roof to ensure free movement. The wooden pool enclosure can be totally opened, partially closed for security and ventilation or fully closed. Its fixed installation avoids rails, wheels and the attendant problems.

The wooden high enclosure increases water temperature by 6 to 8 °.


The use of this enclosure offers many advantages :

  • Protection of the pool against pollution and bad weather ;
  • Ability to use the relaxing area during cold and rainy weather ;
  • The possibility of adapting it to any dimensions ;
  • The added value to your house.

The Azenco wooden high enclosure is a French product and its average expected life is 10 years.

Easy handling

You will enjoy easy handling: the enclosure’s side panels are double opening and overlap under the roof. They offer a wide variety of opening positions in rows (the full width of the enclosure and the rotunda): full closure, partial safe and ventilation closure, total openness.

This enclosure is fixed and does not require ground rails or wheels.

The added value to your house

Space of a friendly atmosphere, this enclosure shaped into an arch promotes your patrimony.
The wood used to make our enclosures comes from forests that are ecologically and socially responsible (reforestation program).

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