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cubierta de lamas de policarbonato Azenco

Pool cover

The French manufacturer Azenco Group designs and manufactures in France a full range of pool protection systems: swimming pool enclosures and slatted covers, all our products are made-to-measure to meet the most demanding request. The Azenco pool covers are resilient and protect your pool from bad weather, pollution, conserve the heat and secure your pool.
Each Azenco pool cover is manufactured in France and meets the NF P90-308 safety standard.
According to its expertise and experience in pool enclosure, the company has created a full range of aboveground, sliding and submerged pool covers that provide maximum comfort of use and discretion. Your pool will also be protected from dust, leaves.
All our pool cover models have a motor to open and close the cover. All it takes is a turn of a key!

cubierta de lamas de policarbonato Azenco
lames polycarbonate volet piscine

Fixed pool cover

This pool slatted cover can be fixed up on the edge of the swimming pool.
It is particularly adapted to square pools, but also to a majority of pools.
The above-ground cover brings serenity, aesthetic and it is easy to handle.

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cubierta de lamas enrollable Slide&Roll Azenco

Slide and Roll pool cover

The rolling pool cover Slide & Roll is placed at the end of the swimming pool. Its feature is that it has a mobile structure on tracks which allows to cover and secure all free-form pools as well as rectangular classic pools.

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volet de piscine design et discret

Submerged pool cover

The definition of a discreet and elegant pool slatted cover. The submerged pool slatted cover brings safety and aesthetic. Embedded in the pool the Azenco submerged cover is very discreet. Our consultants are present at every step of the installation.

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Azenco, a French manufacturer of pool covers develops a full range of above ground covers, slide & Roll covers, submerged covers and all are made-to-measure to answer the most demanding requirements.

Aesthetic and security of slatted covers

Azenco pool covers are resilient and protect your pool from bad weather, pollution, maintain the temperature and secure your pool. We use polycarbonate and PVC blades. These highly qualitative materials are available in several colors and are chlorine resistant.
Depending on your needs, you can use more PVC or polycarbonate blades. PVC blades maintain water temperature and deform from 80°C. Polycarbonate blades heat water. The distortion point is higher at 140° C. Deformations are rare but we recommend polycarbonate models.
Each Azenco’s cover is manufactured in France and meets the NF P90-308 standard.

Maximal sizes of pool covers

These covers are motorized and can be used with a crank. This protection adapts to different types of pool from 6 x 3 m to 8 x 14 for above ground and Slide & Roll cover. For the submerged cover, the maximal size is 6 x 12 meters.

How is it composed?

The immersed Slide & Roll cover is made of 73 mm thick blades. Several blade colors are available to suit your needs. A 3 key switch and security hooks complete the installation.

The above-ground and the Slide & Roll covers unfold around an anodized axle in aluminum with a thickness of 5 mm and a diameter of 140 mm. Lacquered beams and fixing plates complete these covers.

The immersed cover has a separation wall between the slide and the PVC blades. The white aluminum blade adapts perfectly to the shape of your pool.

Regarding the electrical functions, above ground covers and Slide & Roll use an electrical box installed at the end of the cover via a battery or a solar panel.

According to its expertise and experience in pool enclosures, the company manufactured a full range of above ground, sliding and submerged covers that provide maximum comfort of use and discretion. Your pool will also be protected from all external elements (dust, leaves) and conserve accumulated heat throughout the day.

Motorization: automatic pool covers

Our covers have motors that allow opening and closing the pool cover in a turn of key. Our slatted covers are made up of a 24 volts tubular engine. In case of difficulties, it is possible to disconnect the installation to correct the problem. See our article showing the functioning (drawing).

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