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cubierta para piscina telescopica Azenco

Pool enclosure

Flat, low, mid-high or made-to-measure, see all our solutions to cover your pool.

Protecting your pool with Azenco is choosing a comfortable, efficient and durable solution that will always fit perfectly in your garden. Extend the pleasures of swimming, Azenco takes care of the rest.

Covering his pool allows conserving heat, to secure access and to protect it against bad weather. Azenco designed a full range of pool enclosures whose careful design will fit perfectly with your garden. Our professional team also guarantee the quality from installation to maintenance.

cubierta para piscina telescopica Azenco

Select the type of pool enclosure

Numerous factors can lead you to buy a pool enclosure: extending the swimming season, minimizing maintenance, securing your space…….As many needs as our company, Azenco has taken into account to develop all of its products. To bring design and quality to our customers, we have developed a range of enclosures including low enclosures for a pool that will fit perfectly into the environment, combining both functionality and aesthetic.

A large choice or made-to-measure

The success of low enclosures cannot be denied over the years. Their ease of use and attractive prices have made them the best sellers of the market. Removable curved pool enclosure, motorized curved pool enclosure, curved modulable VISIO® or telescopic enclosure which promise to meet all of your needs according to your space or budget. A dedicated solution for each project. Whatever the enclosure chosen, you can opt for standard or customizable options. The choice of configuration will be fully customizable: size, material, glass thickness, structure color, guide, all options to move to the model that really looks like you.

Material Quality

All our low enclosures are tested and approved by an independent laboratory that guarantees their reliability. Choosing the best technology means we can optimize the performance of our enclosures: high quality with 8 mm UV-treated double-sided polycarbonate, EPDM seals between beams and plates to provide excellent protection, Qualicoat Qualimarine powder-coated aluminum structure. The polycarbonate is a wise choice because it is very resistant: 250 times more robust against shocks (compared to glass for example).

Comfort and design

Harmonious curves, modern and aesthetic looks, our curved low enclosures (removable, motorized, modular) or telescopic have been designed to be discreet and perfectly integrated into the garden. A made-to-measure solution to harmonize it with elements of your home (same colors as the window shutters for example)
The use of your enclosure is very easy: concerning the telescopic enclosure Neo 30, the nesting panels of different widths fit into one another, consequently, this enclosure slides easily. The removable model is also very modular, the openings slide on each side independently of each other, on the entire half arch.


Securing the bathing space is a priority: first of all, for the tranquility (if you have children or pets), but also to comply with the law: all low enclosures are registered and can lock up for optimal safety.

Maintenance and wintering savings

You love enjoying your pool but cleaning is not a pleasure. The low enclosure will minimize the inconvenience associated with climatic conditions (avoids dust, leaves, insects, etc…). The use of products will be reduced. No side rails for even more style: no more risks of blocking sections due to dust.

Wintering will also be directly impacted, reducing costs by about 30%.

Choosing a low enclosure is the guarantee of a pool temperature increase in 4 to 7 degrees, and 7 months of swimming in the year with maximum safety. Find our range of pool enclosures that can be adapted to all shapes of swimming pools, modular, aesthetics safe and easy to assemble.

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