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Telescopic pool enclosure

cubierta de piscina baja telescopica modelo Neo


An innovative and comfortable pool enclosure ranges

abri piscine telescopiqueYour dream is to use your pool all year long ?You can choose an enclosure which protect and secure your pool.

Azenco proposes you a complete range of telescopic pool enclosures which combine well-being and esthetics. Flat, low, mid-high or high, in light grey or dark grey color, they are conceived to become integrated perfectly into your garden or terrace. If you have a little swimming pool or a big pool, these enclosures can answer all your needs. Our technicians listen to you and integrate these products to combine user-friendliness and esthetics

pieds eauOther advantage, you can choose to discover completely or partially your pool to play with the shade and the sun. This option assures an optimal comfort in the middle of summer during strong hot season. You can so take advantage of your swimming pool while protecting you from sunburns.

What makes up a telescopic enclosure?

The motorization returns the opening and the closure easier. This mechanism is useful to protect its swimming pool against the climatic hazards or the abrupt changes of weather. Thanks to these rails anti-uprising, the installation resists the violent winds and allows an optimal safety.

The front of the enclosure, as the whole installation, consists of 8mm thickness alveolar translucent polycarbonate plates. In case of difficulty,it is possible to disassemble easily the front of the enclosure. Perfectly adaptable to your needs, you can ask our technicians to make a special cut to have a new opening for example.

simple operating made, a pleasure to handle

abri de piscine mi-haut bas telescopique
Néo 50 telescopic enclosure

Finally, the low telescopic pool enclosures Azenco can be equipped with a sliding door VISIO on the sides of the enclosure by means of a patented system of opening which allows to reach the swimming pool in a wink of eye without unbolting the elements of safety. The central opening is ideal to use its swimming pool during a brief lapse of time or to verify that there is no problem. Besides, this enclosure does not work with rails on the ground and are easy to use.

Compounds of nesting panelsthat come in different sizes which slide over each others, the telescopic swimming pool enclosures are very easy to handle. The sliding panels can be folded totally at the end of pool.

Minimal dimensions of the enclosure once folded up

This equipment adapts itself to every swimming pool to not disturb when it is folded up on the edges of the pond. The dimensions, at the end of your swimming pool, are for example 228 cms when your enclosure 6x3m is completely opened. Calculate your space of storage according to the size of the enclosure thanks to the following formula:

abri de piscine bas télescopique218 + ((number of sections-1) x 5 cm) = footprint in cm
For a pool 6 x 3 mètres : 218 + ((3-1) x 5 cm) = 228 cm