Functionality and aesthetic

The bioclimatic blade pergola Azenco perfectly matches your outdoor space to fit in all housing styles: modern, contemporary or classic.

Protect from the sun in summer and allows the light and heat to penetrate in winter. Thanks to the air circulation between the blades, natural ventilation is provided by R-Blade. The blades are waterproof. The water evacuation is almost invisible, flowing directly into each pole.


Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
Pergola R Blade
The advantages
  • Design
  • Adaptability
  • Protection
The options
  • Infrared heating system
  • LED
  • Climate management
  • Atomizer
  • Awning

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A modular and adaptable pergola

Made of aluminum, qualified Qualicoat and Qualimarine, the R-Blade pergola is fully adjustable and adapts to all types of terraces whether large, small, leaning or completely independent.

Options for maximum comfort

The R-Blade pergola can be equipped with an automated solution allowing better climate management with a sensor system: rain sensor for automatic closing, wind sensor for automatic opening in case of strong wind and temperature sensor integrated into the automatic opening in case of snow or frost conditions.